Monday, June 4, 2012

Pillow mattress

So I keep seeing these pillow mattresses for kids all over pinterest and I wanted one for Alex so bad. He just loves lying down on the hard cold floors to watch Mickey Mouse and Chuggington. Plus when I get on the floor to play with him I always end up with a numb butt and a hurt back!

So I set out to make one and did so for a whooping 8 bucks. I used the tutorial at Southern Dispostion but instead of using a duvet I used a fitted sheet from ikea for 3.99. ( I meant to get a flat sheet but for som reason my brain wasnt working at 8 pm when I was able to go) the fitted sheet worked just fine it was a little more work then I wanted. All I did was cut the ends off and made it fit the lenght x2 and the hight x4 of 1 pillow.

I plan on dying it and embroidering Alex's name on it, since I plan on making one for Riley as well.
Alex and Jamie watching Chuggington.
The first thing he does now is run to his mattress!

*note: I'm a novice sewer so mine doesn't look all that fantastic but it gets the job done. I'm not about to waste money to do it all over again. Hopefully over time my sewing will get better looking. Also it didn't help that I accidentally got a fitted sheet when I needed a flat sheet.


  1. Looks comfy!

    Thanks for the follow, by the way. Following you too now.


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